Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Internet Game - Pardus

As you may or may not know I love finding random games on the internet, getting really involved in them and playing them (usually for no more then a week).

Earlier this week a friend introduced me to a new (if I haven't heard of it, it's new to me) game called Pardus.
Here is a couple of screenshots and a banner. FYI I don't earn money from advertising this banner, only the Google ads.

What the navigation looks like. Isn't my ship awesome looking? It's not really.

A great community telling me all the things I'm doing wrong. :)

Lots of meaningless statistics.

Look I made the news!

The game is turn based, so you earn a certain number of 'Action Points' every 'some period of time'. This means you play for about ~20 mins a day. 

Let's see how this fits my requirements for a good game:
+ Free
+ Low system requirements
+ Overly complicated tech tree and/or options
- Time played not necessary equals game skill
+ Single player (You don't have to interact with others)
+ Multiplayer
+ Short gaming sessions
- Long gaming sessions
+ Quick to start a game (loading internet is faster the Halo game lobby)
+ Fun

Not bad. The reason I like games like this is that you are forced to only play a little at a time, so you are forced to study / complete that assignment that is due in 3 days. Though this game isn't for everyone, if you can get through the tutorial you are off to a good start.

If you add me 'Screaming Hawk' and say you came from my blog I'll be stoked.

Also this is me at work today:


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