Friday, 28 January 2011

Genetic Algorithm

This kinda thing really interests me. Evolution. Of a computer system. Wow. Evolution / adaptation is an amazing accomplishment, and we all know computers can simulate pretty much any process. What better process to simulate than evolution.

I found this site where you watch the computer try to evolve a car to traverse a track. It is pretty cool. The computer beings by creating 20 random cars, which are 8 triangles with their points at the centre and 2 wheels on hydraulics. You will see they are all one colour and most likely they will all fail real bad.

Then at each generation the cars swap pieces to form the next generation. If you have set the mutation high, you may also see some pieces changing shape.

Somehow, the computer uses the distance travelled to find the best parts and then combines that into the next generation. This process is call natural selection. Pretty sweet stuff. This one has been left going for a while.

You can see sometimes that the natural selection process along with the mutation often forms a worse car. This event occurs in real life, often when the weak that are left behind have the most likely chance of survival and so the weak take over due to pure numbers.

I may do something similar to this as a future project. We shall see.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Dwarf Fortress and a Puzzle

So I still haven't got back to Tanks. And I'm posting at work again so now screenshots of my other game or anything like that.

I saw on Blops Killer's blog something about Dwarf Fortress. Now I have heard a bit about this game before and with all the down time I seem to have I decided to give it a try. IT'S AWESOME!! If you like those kind of games. It's an ASCII game which means it only uses characters you can type, including the alt-code ones such as ♪, ☺ and incase you are racist ☻. Hold alt and press a couple numbers then release alt.

Luckily they have packs out there that replace the characters with more accurate characters. e.g. the ☺ (alt+1) into an actually dwarf. Pretty cool.

You have to build a fortress to fend off attacks, usually underground, and make sure all your dwarves have something to do, and see sunlight regularly; otherwise they go mental and start killing everyone in your fortress. It's hillarious.

Here's a screen shot of my fortress in progress. Note that it is based entirely on a tutorial. Except where I stuffed it up...

Here's the entrance.

Here's the dining hall, still (the Dwarves live off alcohol), food storage, some rooms, and some work stations. This is about 3 levels underneath the ground.

And here's the future living quarters. Still yet to be dug out. About another 2 levels under the above photo. You can see they have started digging the top section.

I thought it was cool.

Anyways... Here is a test for everyone out there. I bet it will just end up pissing you off. ☺

Monday, 24 January 2011

It's my birthday soon! Small update and a little bit about myself.

Going to be 20. Woo! That should be fun. Not really doing anything too exciting. Oh! I am going to Fiji for my girlfriends 21st in February. That should be fun too. Unless I die from the heat...

Sorry I haven't done any work on Tanks since the first release. I will get back to it at some point as I actually want it on my phone. Would be nice when going to job interviews. "Well you can see some of the work I have done here." That would be awesome.

I've run out of decent previous projects to put up here too so everything should be new content. Except there is another game I half made, (actually it's at about the same point as the tanks game is now) where you have to get to the door. There are some glitches I haven't fixed and alot of people don't like the unique control system. I'll put some shots and maybe the executable online for that one aswell. It is about as complicated as Tanks so you might not see any code for it. Simply due to the amount of code.

What else? University is starting in the end of February, so expect alot of content about that. Looking for a house, which means I will be poor. But that should be fun. I do like a challenge. Been going for runs, which is always a good thing. But the weather hasn't helped. See this here.

And a picture for my brother:

That's about it.

Friday, 21 January 2011


Ok, so I've recently started having alot of people advertise there own blogs in comments. I don't approve of this. You may noticed comments with 'Content removed by blog administrator.', thats them.I did have a Post You Blog Here! thing earlier. Though very few actually used it.

If you put a decent comments I do check your page and more often then not I subscribe. I check those I have subscribed to whenever there is new content.


Anyone who does so, I will check out. And please check out the others who have posted their blog here. Sharing is caring.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Darkness of the Heart

This was a story written by my little brother, and cousin when they were 14. Pretty damn good. Did some spell checking on it before posting.

I heard a strange sound that chilled me to the bone. That blood curdling scream echoing down the hall. The fibers in her throat straining to their limits as the sleek blade pierced her chest, sinking deeper.
This feeling. The rush of adrenaline, the feel of absolute power - it's truly intoxicating. A grin crept up across my cheek. I pushed harder, she screamed louder.
The serrated edge of my knife grided away at this woman's ribs. Rich red blood drooled down the hilt and covered my hand. Frantically, she fought back with desolate blows. She knew she was going to die.
I removed the knife, feeling satisfied with the amount of blood pouring out of her wound, only to strike again. And again and again. Twice to her stomach, twice to her heart and one destructive gash to the back of her neck.
I had struck the nerves in her spine, she went limp and collapsed backwards onto the windowsill behind her, keeping her upright.
Both her and I were covered in blood.
A bloodstained hand reached down to my belt and rested on the machete. I paused, taking in the gory scene, I sighed in ecstasy as I licked the blood from the knife.
Within a split second, I grabbed the machete and hacked a two-inch-deep gash in the side of her head.
She wasn't dead, yet.
I could see nothing but pain in her eyes. She had no control over her body, a knife stuck into her neck and a machete deep in her brain. She wanted nothing more than for this to end. I owed her that.
That same bloodstained hand reached down and took the 9mill pistol off my hip and pressed it firmly to her skull. Her eyes, though stricken with pain, whispered a thank-you. I blinked emotionlessly in return and squeezed the trigger.
Blood, the fluid of passion, gushed abruptly out the window.
It was over.
She is gone.
I fell to my knees, suddenly realising what I had done. My heart stopped beating, just as it had before I met her.
Her name, Laura, it always sounded so sweet whenever I heard it.
A tear rolled down my cheek.
I glanced around the room, blood, just blood. That's all I could see. She had decorated this room, it was to be for our child, and now I had destroyed it. She wasn't even pregnant. I couldn't remember why I had killed her, I tried to though, as I dragged her limp, lifeless body down towards the basement.
The stairway wall had been decorated with photos of us, on the beach, at the fairs, in town every memory I shared with her, taunting me on my shameful walk to hide my sin.
The basement had no lights, only faint streams of light descending upon the dusty floor from the cracks in the floor boards. The room always scared me, even considering my past. Maybe I knew I was going to leave her here, before I had thought of killing her.
I sat he up in the far corner. Gazed into her deep, blue eyes. And burst into tears.
There I sat. Dark but distinguished. In this dark, desolate hole. The basement was my only place of refuge and escape, from the thing that I had become. The light came weakly through from the gaps in the floorboards above, flickering and teasing me that there was hope for a new, different life.
I hadn't planed to do it this time. My one true love. Our passion had been a fire, the love of his life. I let out a deafeningly silent scream. A scream of the disgust and anger I had at myself. I felt a trickle of cold, dark blood running down my cheek. A cut, the only punishment for the crimes I had committed. It slowly ran onto my lips and, licking them, I shuddered. Blood, the fuel of life, my drug. It was the sole cause for my loss of control. My need for it was all consuming and not even the strongest of all emotions, love, could control it.
The sound of the rhythmic, torturing dripping of water falling from the ceiling had become too much. I had to get away from it, slowly standing up; I made his way to the door. Then in the corner of my eye, I saw it. The corpse of the one that had fixed and now through my own stupidity destroyed my life. I walked over to her lifeless, motionless body. Looking into those longing, betrayed eyes I couldn't help laughing, it was a cold inhumane laugh that would scare the bravest of men. Laura, his one true love.
Walking through this house to the back door, I shivered. The strong, grilling, summer sunlight is not enough to warm my heart, let alone start it beating again, for it was now forever frozen and dark. Despair passed across me, for from that moment on I knew I would be but a shell of a human.
Far away I heard the screeching of sirens, splitting the happy cries of children and silencing the roar of traffic. Grabbing my knife, I licked it clean of the liquid it had become accustomed to be in contact with. I put it concealed into my belt and then I, the serial killer, fled.
In a crowd I would look like any other ordinary man, but if you got close and saw those sad, regretful eyes, you would know I was different. People who met me often said I was odd and found me difficult to talk to. It wasn't that I was anti-social but when I went out not many talked to me. I was rejected often at bars and clubs. Soon I gave up asking and as time passed I went out less and less, losing the hope I would meet anybody or have any friends.
My life was a wreck and a misery. I had become confined to my house, never leaving unless for food and supplies. Slowly the house become dirty and derelict, with the weeds in the garden high up to the windows, covering the paths and killing any flowers that struggled to live. Parents urged their children to stay away from me. Strangely anybody that came to talk to me about the state of the house never came out again and soon a weak odour filled the air inside the house. Laura's corpse had joined theirs.
When I had met Laura my world opened up to a whole new range of possibilities. I started to go out again, I met new people but most importantly he started to love life again. I was starting to be normal. Laura and I had newly painted the house, cleaning the inside and out. The garden became tidy and bright, glowing flowers grew quickly replacing the colourless weeds. Old friends commented about the change in me and began inviting Laura and I to dinner. It was all because of her ? the candle in my world of darkness, growing brighter and giving me strength. But I had snuffed out that candle, plunging my life into darkness again.
As I walked out the back door I noticed that all of the flowers, which were alive and happy earlier that morning, were dead and dry. Even though it made no logical sense I knew why.
I strolled slowly away from the house, towards the park. Laura always loved the park, so full of happiness whenever we went for a walk together.
I walked down passed a bed of flowers, Tulips and Roses, Laura's favorites. I crouched and picked a Tulip from the group and nestled it in my palms. It's violet colour quickly faded into a deathly grey and shrivelled up to nothing more than an empty shell, just like me.
A shadow swept past be, I recognised the slight chill. I looked up to see a man wearing blue standing over me with his hands on his hips and a sad "not another one." look on his face. I just turned away from him and continued to sob at the dead flower nestled in my palms.
"Sir..." The mans voice spoke.
"... I need you to stand up please." it ordered.
I never really cared too much for this man, he only lasted those few seconds in my memories. Then he was gone - like all the rest.
"I love you, I don't want to leave you." I spun, hoping to catch a glimpse of the speaker.
There was no one there.
I recognised the voice, it was Laura's. No, I must be dreaming, this cant be happening! I dreaded this moment. I knew it would come, it always does and always will.
I became attached to her, I loved her, I wanted to have children with her, I killed her...
This is where it all ends.
Three days later, I was found in her bloody arms with a bullet through my head and a letter in her hands:
Don't cry for me now I'm gone, I knew what I had done and every second I deserved; I killed him. I took his breath away and he mine. Together in each others dieing arms is where we belong.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

C Four, Connect Four, miGame

I'm taking a break from miTanks for a while. Here's one of my first ever programs.

I spend alot of my time in lectures at University playing Connect Four on a piece of paper against friends. This is the best paper game we could come up with. Turn based, so could simply pass notes or signal which column to drop in. And there was no need for an eraser; imaging trying to play chess with a pen.

At the time we were learning C programming and had to come up with some simple program to prove we learnt something in the course. Alot of people went with a Facebook similar 'What animal are you?' kind of game. Boring!

It took about 2-3 hours. Remember this was my first C program I created purely by myself, aside from Visual Basic and MicroWorlds (if that even counts).


#include <stdio.h>
//C(onnect) Four
//Created by: Milk
//Date of final build: 19/10/09
//Height of each line
#define LINE_HEIGHT 6
#define LINE_WIDTH 7
void DrawBoard(int grid[LINE_HEIGHT][LINE_WIDTH]);
int CalculateWin(int grid[LINE_HEIGHT][LINE_WIDTH], int player);
int ValidInput(int input, int grid[LINE_HEIGHT][LINE_WIDTH]);
int main(void)
 //Plays connect four
 int grid[LINE_HEIGHT][LINE_WIDTH] = {0};
 int gameOver = 0;
 int input = 0;
 int player = 1;
 char inputValid;
 int i;

 //Draw the intitial board (empty)
 while (gameOver == 0 && (grid[LINE_HEIGHT - 1][0] == 0 || grid[LINE_HEIGHT - 1][1] == 0 || grid[LINE_HEIGHT - 1][2] == 0 || grid[LINE_HEIGHT - 1][3] == 0 || grid[LINE_HEIGHT - 1][4] == 0 || grid[LINE_HEIGHT - 1][5] == 0 || grid[LINE_HEIGHT - 1][6] == 0)) {
  //Get input from user
  input = 0;
  printf("\nWhere would you like to go, player %d?\n", player);
  scanf("%d", &input);
  //Decide if input is a valid move
  inputValid = ValidInput(input, grid);
  //If input is not valid prompt for a valid move
  while (inputValid == 0) {
   printf("Please choose a valid position: ");
   scanf("%d", &input);
   inputValid = ValidInput(input, grid);
  //Add input to grid
  for (i = 0; i < LINE_WIDTH; i++) {
   if (grid[i][input - 1] == 0) {
    grid[i][input - 1] = player;
  //Draw the board
  //Calculate if there is a win
  gameOver = CalculateWin(grid, player);
  //Set the next players turn
  if (player == 1) {
   player = 2;
  } else {
   player = 1;
 //Print winner
 if (gameOver == 0) {
  printf("\n\nThere are no more available moves!\nIt's a draw\n");
 } else {
  printf("\n\nCongratulations player %d!\nYou won\n", gameOver);
 return 0;
void DrawBoard(int grid[LINE_HEIGHT][LINE_WIDTH])
 //Draws the board
 int i, j;
 for (i = LINE_HEIGHT - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
  for (j = 0; j < LINE_WIDTH; j++) {
   if (grid[i][j] == 0) {
    printf("   I");
   } else if (grid[i][j] == 1) {
    printf(" X I");
   } else {
    printf(" O I");
int ValidInput(int input, int grid[LINE_HEIGHT][LINE_WIDTH])
 //Calculate if input is valid
 if (input < 0 || input > 8 || grid[LINE_HEIGHT - 1][input - 1] != 0) {
  return 0;
 } else {
  return 1;
int CalculateWin(int grid[LINE_HEIGHT][LINE_WIDTH], int player)
 int i, j;
 //Calculate if there is a win on the horizontal
 for (j = 0; j < LINE_WIDTH - 3; j++) {
  for (i = 0; i < LINE_HEIGHT; i++) {
   if (grid[i][j] == grid[i][j + 1] && grid[i][j] == grid[i][j + 2] && grid[i][j] == grid[i][j + 3] && grid[i][j] != 0) {
    return player;
 //Calculate if there is a vertical win
 for (i = 0; i < LINE_HEIGHT - 3; i++) {
  for (j = 0; j < LINE_WIDTH; j++) {
   if (grid[i][j] == grid[i + 1][j] && grid[i][j] == grid[i + 2][j] && grid[i][j] == grid[i + 3][j] && grid[i][j] != 0) {
    return player;
 //Calculate if there is a diagonal up-right win
 for (i = 0; i < LINE_HEIGHT - 3; i++) {
  for (j = 0; j < LINE_WIDTH - 3; j++) {
   if (grid[i][j] == grid[i + 1][j + 1] && grid[i][j] == grid[i + 2][j + 2] && grid[i][j] == grid[i + 3][j + 3] && grid[i][j] != 0) {
    return player;
 //Calculate if there is a diagonal up-left win
 for (i = 0; i < LINE_HEIGHT - 3; i++) {
  for (j = LINE_WIDTH - 1; j >= 0; j--) {
   if (grid[i][j] == grid[i + 1][j - 1] && grid[i][j] == grid[i + 2][j - 2] && grid[i][j] == grid[i + 3][j - 3] && grid[i][j] != 0) {
    return player;
 //No win
 return 0;

When compiled the exe file is only 56.0KiB. So it's pretty much always on my USB drive now.
And here it is:
I don't think rapidshare likes exe files so once you download just change the file extension (txt) to exe, and it will work. Give it a go.

Looking back at this code there is not actually too many things I would do differently. Would've been a nice OO exercise though.

If anyone wants to give me a game just tell me your starting move. Let's play. Lol


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

miTanks, Part 8, Initial Release!!!

Added another ground type, gravel. But thats about it.

The ground is randomly up and down, but never so high that you can't climb it. I think it's the most realistic ground I have made. Suprisingly easy as well.

Ok guys. I'm running out of ideas. Foo's to get to work on having the menu up and running. I'll going to get to work on some of the inside bits.

I really want to make a release for you guys. What I'm going to do is find a way to put up a .jar file. Because the program has no real visual output, I'll leave you instructions on how to run it through the command line. This will allow you to see what I see. Playable, but in no way is it finished.

Download Link:

How to use:
Download the jar file and place it somewhere on your computer.
Right-click on the file and click 'Properties'.
Copy the location of the file.

Open the command line. (Windows > Search > "cmd").
Type "cd [location in full]" and press enter.
Type "java -jar miTanks.jar" and press enter.

This will open the game.

The ground is gravel and there are 3 players (2 human controlled and a computer controlled). The first player is the blue one, he is human controlled. The second is red, and is also human controlled. The last is still red, but he is a computer player that randomly picks a direction, power and fires.
If I get some comments, I'll upload versions with a certain amount of what players and what ground etc.
The angle works like this: 0 is straight up, -90 is left, 90 is right.
Power goes between 0 and 100.
Your power and angle will be displayed in the command line.
Your life comes up here as well as you get damaged.
And some other crap. Sorry I'm still using these tracers so that's why they are still there.
Once you win you will have to close and open again. Just press up when in the command line then Enter.
w = increase power
s = decrease power
a = decrease angle
d = increase angle
z = move left
x = move right
q = previous weapon
e = next weapon
Enter = fire

Please leave a comment! Chances are, there will be some issues with this.

QR and Google URL Shortener

Here is the QR code for Android has an app that reads these barcodes and then takes you to the sites are adds the contact or whatever the information. Handly dandy ay.
I'm sure you all know TinyURL. Well now google has Because this site is new the URL wills be even shorter. It also tracks page views etc. = My blog. And then the QR code for that URL is even smaller.
To generate your own QR codes go here It's fantastico!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

miTanks, Part 7

A little more progress and some more screenshots.

Had a game against my brother yesterday. Found a couple bugs, but it was still playable. The first most obvious bug is that bullets would explode halfway through some walls. This was due to the movement calculations. They were somewhat refined though needed to be more so with the bullets jumping instead of moving through every pixel in their path. Took some thinking but I figured out to solve that.

Also I made the first tank blue and all the others red. A quick fix so I could tell which was the first. Also made it playable for two people. Eventually colours will be selected on start up.

The ground now falls nicely into place if a shot blows up the ground beneath it. Only one line added so this may be a temp fix. Seems to be good for the game needs though. I was too slow with taking the screen shots but the ground falls line by line. Looks ok. Will make it even smoother later on.

Found an issue with falling as well. When you fall it moves you according to gravity. Though you can still move back and forth between the fall movements. If I implement an automatic redraw of the canvas, this shouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately that would ruin how I'm doing my other calculations, so that may have to wait. I'm sure there is another way to resolve this.

Added a laser beam. Fires in a straight line destroying all the ground in it's path. Damn I missed him.

You can kinda see the ground adjustment here. Got a screenshot about halfway through it.

I'm having a meeting with Foo about the game tomorrow. Now that I have alot of the game done, he can get started on creating the game view for Android. Hopefully he has a better idea about how to do this then I do.

By the way, all these screens are from the PC version. Don't worry. I will release it for you all.


Sunday, 9 January 2011

miTanks, Part 6

A little more progress. Moved the ground builder into the Ground enum so that each type of ground has it's own way to build the terrain. Implemented a Sand random ground generator and a Rock random ground generator. Guess which one is which.

You can see the code behind building these is only a few lines each. Writing the rock one took less then 10 mins. The sand one was just over an hour.

The sand one still has some issues. I haven't quite got the constraints for the range, period and shift of the wave. And then applying some additional scaling so that it doesn't fall off the bottom of the game.

Haven't done much else really. Will look at adding a straight shot weapon that moves through the floor. This is probably going to be alot more enjoyable then the game to work. To be honest there isn't that much else to do to get it playable.

There are a couple of steps I have when I create a game:
Working = It does what it should.
Playable = You can see it doing what it should.
Done/Fun = There is enough story/options/levels/bells and wistles that you will enjoy playing it.
Finished = It's actually done.

At the moment miTanks for PC is at a proof of concept stage. Which is some wierd combination of fun and playable, but not quite working. This usaully happens when I get bored of doing behind the scenes code and start making stuff that I can actually see. Like the ground generators.

Please read this:
I've made the sound support on this PC version. Still waiting some sound effects. If you go to Vocaroo and make me a sound, I will put it in my game, and your name in credits.
Just post the Vocaroo link in a reply below.
If you want a weapon just tell me what it should do, how to move and shoot. I'll put that in aswel. Credit will be made to you also.

See example comment below.

Friday, 7 January 2011

miTanks, Part 5

Here's a some pics of what I've got so far for testing.

Support for an arbitrary amount of players. They are actually all human controlled at the moment.

In this one you can see the error with damage. You can see it has broken one line correctly. But hasn't done the others.

 If anyone can help me with code formatting on here let me know. Here's a screen of it. Lol.

ground is a 2d array of size game_width x game_height. All the others should be self explanatory.
When it prints we see:

Destroy: -5, 0
Destroy: -4, 0
Destroy: -3, 0
Destroy: -2, 0
Destroy: -1, 0
Destroy: 0, 0
Destroy: 1, 0
Destroy: 2, 0
Destroy: 3, 0
Destroy: 4, 0
Destroy: 5, 0

So for every x, y = 0. But why! Should be something like. x = -5, y = 0; x = -4, y = 1; ...

[Edit: Found it!!

Not sure why I was scaling y by the bullet location... Removed this.bullet_x and this.bullet_y in the y calculation and it works. Too easy. Doesn't even look that circular... How to fix that?


Post Your Blog Here!

I can't get on to see some of your guys blogs!
Post links to your blogs here.
I get alot of down time and it's good to see some new content.

Any other coders / gamers out there?

Just an update

Got a booger app on my android. It's sweet as. This phone of so awesome.

Also I've made some good progress porting the tanks game to work on the pc. Have some working very poor graphics. Will upload a pic once I get to my home computer.

There were a lot of problems with the damage calculations. Most of out works now. Still need sounds for the game though.
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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Religious Rant

My intention with this post is not to offend, merely to expression my thoughts and feelings regarding religion. For the record, I consider myself to be an atheist. This does not mean I do not believe in anything, nor does it mean I shun other beliefs.

Put simply do not like religion as a concept. It's fine to believe what you want to believe. If you think that Jesus was born in year 0, was the son of God, could terraform liquids, and died for our sins; that is fine. He could have also been a magician, blown way out of proportion. I've seen many do these tricks. From what I've heard (correct me if I'm wrong), Jesus lived a normal life, with an average job, an average family, and lived in sin as the rest of us did. Why was he so special? Because Jacob was gullible?

One thing I also do not understand is how a planned execution of an innocent man freed us from our sins. The saying 'two wrongs don't make a right' comes to mind.

This is not saying that you should not believe this. I have no proof against these claims. The son of God may well have walked this earth and died at our hands. The thing I don't like about religion is the rules. Why should you have to pay to believe what you want? Why must you spend a determined amount of time praising that, that you believe? Why would you go to church to be told what to believe?

I believe religion was a tool created to control a small society. By using the natural human fear of the unknown, and a promise of eternal happiness, someone / some group was able to define their opinions of right and wrong, and convince a society to conform to these ideals. Good job. If I was in the same position I would have done the same. If you don't believe and they are right you get eternal damnation, if they are wrong you get nothing. If you do believe and they are right you get eternal happiness, if they are wrong you get nothing. Might as well believe then.

Now that you have their attention, what would you do next. ??? Profit? Well, Brian Tamaki thought so. Along with a lot of other churches / cults, you are required to pay the church for your worship.

I do love Brian Tamaki as a leader. He has done well for himself. Just as I love Hitler as a leader. Aside from the genocide, he had some really good plans. He lead his country with honour. Using fear and propaganda to control his subjects, he made great strides towards his goals. Not that I'm saying Brian Tamaki is a modern day Hitler, but the comparison is hard to miss.

Another thing I do not like religion for, is that it is unprovable. Religion promotes doing nothing. You are not rewarded for your success, instead some divine being is. Their is no way you can prove otherwise. The rule is it simply happens. This lack of striving for greatness and success is what has caused society a large gap in technological advances. With science the belief is that everything has a reason. We strive to find the answers. Discover new meanings. We will never be able to disprove the existence of a God.

What do I believe? I believe there is a force. Not a God as such, more like karma, but a physical measurable force. This force governs luck and such other things. I also believe you can create your own luck. Power of positive thinking kind of thing. If you start doing things that are morally wrong, you start to think negatively, this reduces your luck and so bad things happen.

When you die I do not know what happens. When you sleep without dreaming, time passes instantaneously. When you die you are obviously not going to dream. So we may all wake up in the future when someone finds a way to revive the dead. That's a logical theory. Another thought is you simply relive your life. Die and wake up as you were born. Not reborn in a new time and place, just restart. And why not? You get deja vu when your different lives cross. This theory is supported in a way by the Multiverse Theory.

I do not believe in a God. I do not believe in a Christ. I do not pray to this force I do believe. I do not attend my own private church or hold meeting to talk about this belief. I simply believe. And that's how it should be. Not a religion. Your thoughts are your own. Become educated in all options and decide for yourself which bits of which are for you.

tl:dr: Do not conform to a single religion. Believe what you want.

I really have no closer for this, but I would like to know what you all think.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

miTanks, Part 4

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone's holidays are going well. Nothing too exciting going on in mine. Had a nice few days off work for drinks and general relaxation. Didn't do too much on the tanks game but thought I should update what has been happening. Foo is currently on holidays afk so not much in the lines of GUI completed.

Sorry I don't have many pictures for this project. As the GUI is last on the TODO list, this will come when the app is in the testing phase. I'll get some code up here later on for you all aswell. As this uses Java classes the code is spread across multiple files. I'll upload any interesting code I make though. Have a couple little bits in mind for later on.

More of the inner workings are completed for in game.
The game physics work.
(better now)
Simple flat terrain completed.
Support for differing gravity, wind and landscape. (three landscapes have been added, one fully completed)
Support for random terrain generator. (included in landscape)
Support for multiple weapons, including weapon movement and collision calculations.
One weapon implemented. (fully implemented, including circular proximity damage)
Multiple matches in a game. (support for)
Game cycle. (may need to be editted once visuals and sounds are added.)

Still to do:
Getting input. Once input can be received the usage is already implemented.
Tank movement.
Display. Location calculations implemented. Just need to know how to put an image on the screen.
AI calculations, of differing skill levels.
Perfect AI, should be easy to do.
Absolutely useless AI, is even easier.
Realistic AI is somewhat harder. Shouldn't take too long. I'd just fudge some numbers from the perfect AI.
Defensive weaponry support. Shields and such.

I'm going to need some sound effects for this game. Such as a tank moving sound, bullet fire sound, bullet fall, explosion, and probably some others. If you can link me some sounds you've made I'll give them a listen and add the best ones into the game.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

miTanks, Part 3

As neither me or Foo know how to successfully draw to the screen, we thought we'd make it as easy as we could. Firstly the game will be the size of the screen. This will remove the need for scrolling. The battlefield size will be in relation to some fixed variables, so can be easily changed at will. The game will be completely in landscape view.

Foo agreed to do the visual side of the application. Considering the amount of lower-level coding Foo has actually done, and the combined skills we possess for graphics, this looks like the hardest part. Seemingly working from scratch, the progress on this is slow. So far there is nothing to show.

Done so far:
Did a quick class diagram for the actual game.

Most of the inner workings are completed for in game.
The game physics work, (untested).
Simple flat terrain completed.
Support for differing gravity, wind and landscape.
Support for random terrain generator.
Support for multiple weapons, including weapon movement and collision calculations.
One weapon implemented.
Multiple matches in a game.

Still to do:
Getting input. Once input can be received the usage is already implemented.
Tank movement.
Display. Location calculations implemented. Just need to know how to put an image on the screen.
The game cycle. This will be very easy. Just need to actually do it.
AI calculations, of differing skill levels.
Perfect AI, should be easy to do.
Absolutely useless AI, is even easier.
Realistic AI is somewhat harder. Shouldn't take too long. I'd just fudge some numbers from the perfect AI.
Defensive weaponry support. Shields and such.

Things YOU think I should add:
Leave a comment. Tell me what you would like to see.

About Foo

Hi I am Foo,

I am a person, I work at Dick Smith Electronics, therefore I am a Techxpert.
This year I will be attending Auckland University of Technology studying Computer and Mobile Systems Engineering. Yep...

I am 19 years old and I am interested in developing games, I have made attempts before and had some success but now I want to make a game that actually works and maybe even release it.

I will be working on this game with Milk doing the best I can to contribute. I know very little about coding but Im keen to learn.

Yep... I think thats it...