Wednesday, 12 January 2011

miTanks, Part 8, Initial Release!!!

Added another ground type, gravel. But thats about it.

The ground is randomly up and down, but never so high that you can't climb it. I think it's the most realistic ground I have made. Suprisingly easy as well.

Ok guys. I'm running out of ideas. Foo's to get to work on having the menu up and running. I'll going to get to work on some of the inside bits.

I really want to make a release for you guys. What I'm going to do is find a way to put up a .jar file. Because the program has no real visual output, I'll leave you instructions on how to run it through the command line. This will allow you to see what I see. Playable, but in no way is it finished.

Download Link:

How to use:
Download the jar file and place it somewhere on your computer.
Right-click on the file and click 'Properties'.
Copy the location of the file.

Open the command line. (Windows > Search > "cmd").
Type "cd [location in full]" and press enter.
Type "java -jar miTanks.jar" and press enter.

This will open the game.

The ground is gravel and there are 3 players (2 human controlled and a computer controlled). The first player is the blue one, he is human controlled. The second is red, and is also human controlled. The last is still red, but he is a computer player that randomly picks a direction, power and fires.
If I get some comments, I'll upload versions with a certain amount of what players and what ground etc.
The angle works like this: 0 is straight up, -90 is left, 90 is right.
Power goes between 0 and 100.
Your power and angle will be displayed in the command line.
Your life comes up here as well as you get damaged.
And some other crap. Sorry I'm still using these tracers so that's why they are still there.
Once you win you will have to close and open again. Just press up when in the command line then Enter.
w = increase power
s = decrease power
a = decrease angle
d = increase angle
z = move left
x = move right
q = previous weapon
e = next weapon
Enter = fire

Please leave a comment! Chances are, there will be some issues with this.


  1. I will make sure to run this in the next few hours.

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  3. Will be trying it out shortly. I'm glad you are finally able to put out a release. I've been dying to see how much progress you have made on it!

  4. cool stuff

  5. Oh god. For some reasons, this just reminded me of the good ol' QBasic days and Gorillas. Ahhhh, those were the times...

  6. wat is dis
    Anyways, cool blog, I'll follow and support :)

  7. Very cool game, bro. It must take immense amounts of skill in order to create something so skillfully programmed. Very nice blog by the way, extremely interesting. You should check out my poetry blog while youre at it. Cheers!

  8. Cheers for all the comments guys. If anyone has any ideas for the game I would GREATLY appreciate it.

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  10. Pretty cool. I wish I hadn't quit programming. Also, I like the title picture of your blog. Pretty clean design.

  11. Guys don't post your blogs in random posts on my blog. I have a post your blog here for that. Use the search bar at the top right to find it

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