Wednesday, 5 January 2011

miTanks, Part 4

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone's holidays are going well. Nothing too exciting going on in mine. Had a nice few days off work for drinks and general relaxation. Didn't do too much on the tanks game but thought I should update what has been happening. Foo is currently on holidays afk so not much in the lines of GUI completed.

Sorry I don't have many pictures for this project. As the GUI is last on the TODO list, this will come when the app is in the testing phase. I'll get some code up here later on for you all aswell. As this uses Java classes the code is spread across multiple files. I'll upload any interesting code I make though. Have a couple little bits in mind for later on.

More of the inner workings are completed for in game.
The game physics work.
(better now)
Simple flat terrain completed.
Support for differing gravity, wind and landscape. (three landscapes have been added, one fully completed)
Support for random terrain generator. (included in landscape)
Support for multiple weapons, including weapon movement and collision calculations.
One weapon implemented. (fully implemented, including circular proximity damage)
Multiple matches in a game. (support for)
Game cycle. (may need to be editted once visuals and sounds are added.)

Still to do:
Getting input. Once input can be received the usage is already implemented.
Tank movement.
Display. Location calculations implemented. Just need to know how to put an image on the screen.
AI calculations, of differing skill levels.
Perfect AI, should be easy to do.
Absolutely useless AI, is even easier.
Realistic AI is somewhat harder. Shouldn't take too long. I'd just fudge some numbers from the perfect AI.
Defensive weaponry support. Shields and such.

I'm going to need some sound effects for this game. Such as a tank moving sound, bullet fire sound, bullet fall, explosion, and probably some others. If you can link me some sounds you've made I'll give them a listen and add the best ones into the game.


  1. this is cool.
    see/hear the behind the scenes of your game.
    will look back at your blog posts.

  2. Since I don't have a device that could run this game would it be possible for you to throw it on the internet?

  3. I'll try to get it to work on the computer.
    So you'd have to download a .jar file (kinda like an .exe).
    You should be able to run it if you have java installed, and you probably do.
    In fact, I'll start work on that now. May take a while, but will be good for testing.

    Cheers Marduk,

  4. Hey, keep up with the good work on the game! Hope it all works out.