Tuesday, 11 January 2011

miTanks, Part 7

A little more progress and some more screenshots.

Had a game against my brother yesterday. Found a couple bugs, but it was still playable. The first most obvious bug is that bullets would explode halfway through some walls. This was due to the movement calculations. They were somewhat refined though needed to be more so with the bullets jumping instead of moving through every pixel in their path. Took some thinking but I figured out to solve that.

Also I made the first tank blue and all the others red. A quick fix so I could tell which was the first. Also made it playable for two people. Eventually colours will be selected on start up.

The ground now falls nicely into place if a shot blows up the ground beneath it. Only one line added so this may be a temp fix. Seems to be good for the game needs though. I was too slow with taking the screen shots but the ground falls line by line. Looks ok. Will make it even smoother later on.

Found an issue with falling as well. When you fall it moves you according to gravity. Though you can still move back and forth between the fall movements. If I implement an automatic redraw of the canvas, this shouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately that would ruin how I'm doing my other calculations, so that may have to wait. I'm sure there is another way to resolve this.

Added a laser beam. Fires in a straight line destroying all the ground in it's path. Damn I missed him.

You can kinda see the ground adjustment here. Got a screenshot about halfway through it.

I'm having a meeting with Foo about the game tomorrow. Now that I have alot of the game done, he can get started on creating the game view for Android. Hopefully he has a better idea about how to do this then I do.

By the way, all these screens are from the PC version. Don't worry. I will release it for you all.



  1. It's looking better with each update. Do you know how long it will take for you to finish?

  2. Not a clue. I've run out of idea of what I should work on now, so must be close. A few changes to make it feel like a good game.

    Will try do the main menu next and add Foos graphically bits next.

    The PC version isn't far from a beta release. Once I get a basic main menu to select players then I'll try do a release on here.