Thursday, 27 January 2011

Dwarf Fortress and a Puzzle

So I still haven't got back to Tanks. And I'm posting at work again so now screenshots of my other game or anything like that.

I saw on Blops Killer's blog something about Dwarf Fortress. Now I have heard a bit about this game before and with all the down time I seem to have I decided to give it a try. IT'S AWESOME!! If you like those kind of games. It's an ASCII game which means it only uses characters you can type, including the alt-code ones such as ♪, ☺ and incase you are racist ☻. Hold alt and press a couple numbers then release alt.

Luckily they have packs out there that replace the characters with more accurate characters. e.g. the ☺ (alt+1) into an actually dwarf. Pretty cool.

You have to build a fortress to fend off attacks, usually underground, and make sure all your dwarves have something to do, and see sunlight regularly; otherwise they go mental and start killing everyone in your fortress. It's hillarious.

Here's a screen shot of my fortress in progress. Note that it is based entirely on a tutorial. Except where I stuffed it up...

Here's the entrance.

Here's the dining hall, still (the Dwarves live off alcohol), food storage, some rooms, and some work stations. This is about 3 levels underneath the ground.

And here's the future living quarters. Still yet to be dug out. About another 2 levels under the above photo. You can see they have started digging the top section.

I thought it was cool.

Anyways... Here is a test for everyone out there. I bet it will just end up pissing you off. ☺


  1. Sounds like fun. A game called dwarf fortress definitely has my attention!

  2. Alright, those puzzles were good

  3. aaawww fuuu, i found the first two in like 3 seconds, the second two were harder

  4. This game looks fun, I'll check it out.

  5. i did the s puzzle and felt accomplished, then i saw that there were more and was like fuuuuu

    i found the s one the most difficult

  6. Haha it was yours Blops Killer. Sorry I have subscribed to a lot and when I looked through for it I couldn't find who it was. Have editted post to include your blog etc.

    Credit where credit is due.

  7. ffffff you got me. Those puzzles were awesome.

  8. I've thought a few times about getting into Dwarf Fortress, but it looks so confusing.

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  10. lkawawd! Totally just made my eyes hurt and I just lost! Not cool man, not cool at all!

  11. The games you're playing....