Wednesday, 12 January 2011

QR and Google URL Shortener

Here is the QR code for Android has an app that reads these barcodes and then takes you to the sites are adds the contact or whatever the information. Handly dandy ay.
I'm sure you all know TinyURL. Well now google has Because this site is new the URL wills be even shorter. It also tracks page views etc. = My blog. And then the QR code for that URL is even smaller.
To generate your own QR codes go here It's fantastico!


  1. cool.
    is it weird i see murderous rage in this pictures?

  2. Its a cool feature indeed =]

  3. i'm really glad you told me this, i'm def going to use this info. i still like though, it doesn't just shorten your urls, it makes them frightening as well. for example i can link to my blog like: