Saturday, 1 January 2011

miTanks, Part 3

As neither me or Foo know how to successfully draw to the screen, we thought we'd make it as easy as we could. Firstly the game will be the size of the screen. This will remove the need for scrolling. The battlefield size will be in relation to some fixed variables, so can be easily changed at will. The game will be completely in landscape view.

Foo agreed to do the visual side of the application. Considering the amount of lower-level coding Foo has actually done, and the combined skills we possess for graphics, this looks like the hardest part. Seemingly working from scratch, the progress on this is slow. So far there is nothing to show.

Done so far:
Did a quick class diagram for the actual game.

Most of the inner workings are completed for in game.
The game physics work, (untested).
Simple flat terrain completed.
Support for differing gravity, wind and landscape.
Support for random terrain generator.
Support for multiple weapons, including weapon movement and collision calculations.
One weapon implemented.
Multiple matches in a game.

Still to do:
Getting input. Once input can be received the usage is already implemented.
Tank movement.
Display. Location calculations implemented. Just need to know how to put an image on the screen.
The game cycle. This will be very easy. Just need to actually do it.
AI calculations, of differing skill levels.
Perfect AI, should be easy to do.
Absolutely useless AI, is even easier.
Realistic AI is somewhat harder. Shouldn't take too long. I'd just fudge some numbers from the perfect AI.
Defensive weaponry support. Shields and such.

Things YOU think I should add:
Leave a comment. Tell me what you would like to see.


  1. Having the game in landscape view would be very helpful in making the game look better.

  2. Thanks guys. Is there is any weapons you would like to see? Right now all I have is a mortor round