Friday, 26 August 2011


Short update today. Lots of pictures.
Finally finished my augmented reality project. What a mission that was. Big thanks to my team that wasted the best part of this week working on it.

Rainmeter is awesome. I've had this for a little while now. Makes my desktop look nice yeah. See below.

There are so many different things you can do with this program. Here's another couple of peoples desktops that have been enhanced with Rainmeter.

It's really really easy to set up and it's so so flexible. You simply find a skin you like, download and install. Done.

I'm using:
Encoded for the squares on the top left and the date and time on the top right
DarkEve for the clock on the left
Winamp Circles for the Winamp thingy at the bottom
Sinister for the date down the left
illustro for the boxes on the right (no link because that's included with Rainmeter)

The thing measuring RAM and CPU usage is a Windows gadget (not applicable)

These skins all come with a lot of other little thingys as well so check them out.

You can do some other pretty flash things like use a video as your background, animations on window displays, lots and lots. Check the guy below if you aren't convinced this is awesome.

Link me to yours in the comments. Keen for more ideas to spice mine up.


Saturday, 6 August 2011

Busy, busy, busy

   Creating an Augmented Reality thing. HARD!
   Tedious assembly language assignment, easy but time consuming.
   Operating Systems assignment, involving threads in C/C++ (eww C).
   Java RMI banking system assignment. Haven't looked at it.

Fun stuff:
   Making a new game!
   Have a like-minded individual that's interested in making a civilisation type game.
   Tried to make this earlier on but got really bored with the data entry...
   Now that I know a bit about networking, it should be a lot more entertaining.
   Details on wether this project is a go ahead or not is to be determined.

This is a very boring update so here is a picture of a cat