Saturday, 6 August 2011

Busy, busy, busy

   Creating an Augmented Reality thing. HARD!
   Tedious assembly language assignment, easy but time consuming.
   Operating Systems assignment, involving threads in C/C++ (eww C).
   Java RMI banking system assignment. Haven't looked at it.

Fun stuff:
   Making a new game!
   Have a like-minded individual that's interested in making a civilisation type game.
   Tried to make this earlier on but got really bored with the data entry...
   Now that I know a bit about networking, it should be a lot more entertaining.
   Details on wether this project is a go ahead or not is to be determined.

This is a very boring update so here is a picture of a cat


  1. I love this picture!

  2. I like the part whith the cat :) Also good luck with the game project, hopefully everyone keeps up with their project if it's grouped? anyway goodluck