Sunday, 9 January 2011

miTanks, Part 6

A little more progress. Moved the ground builder into the Ground enum so that each type of ground has it's own way to build the terrain. Implemented a Sand random ground generator and a Rock random ground generator. Guess which one is which.

You can see the code behind building these is only a few lines each. Writing the rock one took less then 10 mins. The sand one was just over an hour.

The sand one still has some issues. I haven't quite got the constraints for the range, period and shift of the wave. And then applying some additional scaling so that it doesn't fall off the bottom of the game.

Haven't done much else really. Will look at adding a straight shot weapon that moves through the floor. This is probably going to be alot more enjoyable then the game to work. To be honest there isn't that much else to do to get it playable.

There are a couple of steps I have when I create a game:
Working = It does what it should.
Playable = You can see it doing what it should.
Done/Fun = There is enough story/options/levels/bells and wistles that you will enjoy playing it.
Finished = It's actually done.

At the moment miTanks for PC is at a proof of concept stage. Which is some wierd combination of fun and playable, but not quite working. This usaully happens when I get bored of doing behind the scenes code and start making stuff that I can actually see. Like the ground generators.

Please read this:
I've made the sound support on this PC version. Still waiting some sound effects. If you go to Vocaroo and make me a sound, I will put it in my game, and your name in credits.
Just post the Vocaroo link in a reply below.
If you want a weapon just tell me what it should do, how to move and shoot. I'll put that in aswel. Credit will be made to you also.

See example comment below.


  1. Sound=
    Weapon= A mortor round; fires in an arch and explodes when it hits the ground.
    Credit to: Milk (

  2. Heres my sound. Your game looks cool, thought I would help out :)

    Pew Pew!

  3. Heres my sound, if you need sound similar to an asian throwing up... well today is your lucky day!

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  5. Here is another tune :D Once again, I don't know what you could use it for??? haha

  6. Hahaha. James that pro as. I have no idea what to use the first one for. Maybe some spastic missle?

    Second one sounds alot better. Could be a giant slingshot

  7. great work. I might be able to think of something for a sound but I don't know what would make sense for the game right now.