Thursday, 17 November 2011

NXT Robots

So you know how I did a project on swarm robotics and I said I would have some video of it all working, well I forgot and deleted the codes. Rageragerage. The only thing I can find is a screen shot of some early development in my collision avoidance, shown below. The robots are the small boxes and the blue is the line of sight. Trails are on to show the movement path. The yellow one (only one moving) was going to hit the blue one so swerved violently to the right, where he saw he was about to hit the brown so swerved left, then corrected once seeing he had passed the blue robot.

Any who, I now have a summer research project working with Lego. That's right. My summer job is playing with Lego. Jelly? I thought so.

The Lego MindStorm NXT is a robot is a small computer that can support 4 input devices and 3 output devices. Included in our pack are 3 motors (outputs) and 2 touch sensors, 1 ultrasound sensor, and 1 colour sensor. The NXT also supports Bluetooth so I am considering making a controller using my Android. Woot! Here are some existing projects.

 Find and grab a ball
 Solve a Rubik's cube. Epic.
 Fire balls at target.
 Solve a Sudoku
Follow a path.

I am part of a group of 4 people looking at doing some project with these robots. We are looking to have 3 of them and have them interact in some way. The exact specifications of the project are really vague. But we are looking at a warehouse simulation with automated forklifts. Still undecided but this is sounding most likely. This is something that has been done before but not completely autonomous with multiple robots.

We are to program it in Java using LeJOS (Lego Java OS), which is fantastic because I love Java. But terrible because no one on my team has used it before. We will see how this goes.

Epic post about a great Android app coming out soon.

That's all for now.



  1. 1. Solving a rubiks Clyde is freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    B. how the heck do u get it to solve sudoku?!?!?!