Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Long Time No Nothing

Wow long time. So I've been a little busy with the random happenings that is life. All in all nothing exciting or worth mentioning. Uni is a bit of a bore. Little to no software development makes it very boring. And means I have no content for you guys. [Sadface]

miTanks is on hold again while uni is busy. Been playing a lot of age of empires 3 on my downtime. Good game.

Anyway, here are a couple random pictures I've saved onto the work computer.

Will post something tomorrow or the next day about M-Theory, String theory, as I have been watching heaps of videos about it at work. Some interesting concepts there.


  1. ''IF you havin mine problems'' hahah the best line :D

  2. Those are very random pictures you've got. Hope to see more!

  3. The minecraft one broke my mind, excellent!

  4. hahaha, funny, good post, nice blog

    + follower:)