Tuesday, 8 March 2011

miTanks, Part 10

It's not working... I've been trying different ways to get the game to draw to screen though I just don't have it working yet. Fixed a couple minor bugs, as I hadn't moved everything across from the PC version.

When running I follow the debug and step through the program. Turns out the game runs perfectly, that is the game constructs and plays out completely with two random computer players, except it never draws to the screen. Thought the onDraw(Canvas canvas) method would be called automatically every couple of milliseconds. Turns out no. So, I need a way to get the canvas (i.e. the screen) so that I can call the method myself. Working on it...

If anyone knows how android views work, let me know...

As for sounds, I have this site that generates old school game noises. So I'll probably use that for my sounds. Means I don't have to search for people to make decent sounds. Lol. Sorry to those of you that did help with that. There just weren't enough to continue with them.

So the site looks like this:

Here is the link. Will probably be my one stop shop for sounds in the future. Check it out.

My roommate made me a little icon for the game as well. His tanks looks better than the little ones I made in the last post. So may end up replacing them with copies of his. I'll post the icon when I have my computer again.



  1. Oh wow. That makes it a lot easier.

  2. my mind cant even comprehend this brilliance. just like 95% of ppl that call in to those 1-800 numbers are whores or i could be 5% wrong. see what i did thar...

  3. Cool, good to see you're making progress.
    Sounds like it's going to turn out great.

  4. This is a new and interesting idea.