Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Blog Walkers Unite!

Hello again everyone,

Today is a very short entry. You may or may not have noticed I have added a Cbox to my blog. This little thing is quite awesome for finding blogs with similar interests as you.

Basically, all it is, is a message board. Though it allows you to link your blog to the message you leave. I've seen a lot of people leave a message on the Cbox and then click on someone else who has posted on it, then go to their Cbox and repeat.

You can see I have already have two fellow bloggers post on here.
Links of the special people: - Kal here has some awesome finds. Check it. - Random person. Yay!

Pretty cool, and very easy to use. Get your own Cbox here.

Also I need to post an update about my new laptop that I mentioned all the way back here. And a picture of my battle station. That should happen tomorrow. On the floor in the lounge...


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