Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hackers Unite

So, we have all heard about Anonymous; (in)famous for a number of hacks. Well, it seems like they are going to stage a revolution. See the Youtube channel, or the blog for more information. Looks like this is going to be big. 

For those of you with any coding knowledge, go the EnigmaGroup. Test and train your skills. Become the best you can be. Keep information free. Keep in contact. Keep life interesting. Hack the planet. 

If you haven't already, watch Hackers. Above is wallpaper.

When you register, don't forget that Milk referred you. The site has various training missions that simulate hacks. All you get is the site/page to hack and a description of the mission. That's it. The rest you need to figure out on your own.

Protips - Chrome does some weird things when it loads a page that makes the javascript console not get elements from the web document properly. Use Firefox and get FirebugLinux is also pro, but don't bother unless you are getting serious.

I will be posting some information regarding the missions on EnigmaGroup. Don't just go to the forum to find the answers, they aren't there anyway. You need to use the internet. Find the answers. Coding is 10% knowledge and 90% Google.

tl;dr - Safe site that hosts hacking tests and missions for beginners to experts. Now, you want to read it all, huh?


  1. Used to go to a couple like this, might get back into this as an antidote to ignorance