Thursday, 30 December 2010

miTanks, Part 1

So now that I have an Android phone my next plan is to create an app. I could port some of my CLI games across very easily, but that's no fun. I'm going to remake Tanks, with the help of a friend, herein refered to as Foo.

Tanks is a simple turn-based game. Each player has a tank. On your turn you select the angle to shoot and the power, and then fire. Some minor physics determine travel of the shot. Then there is collision and damage calculations. Rince and repeat until there is only one tank left standing.

I'll get Foo to post an about Foo thing here aswell. Foo has an LG p500 (Optimus One), that runs Android 2.2. Slightly better specs than the Galaxy 580 for a similar price. Galaxy 580 runs Android 2.1, so will use that as the minimum version.


  1. That doesn't sound too hard I think! Good luck, hope it makes ya some extra cash!

  2. That is a great game, I love it

  3. Might give it a try =] thanks