Friday, 31 December 2010

miTanks, Part 2

Something I've missed:
Android apps are written in Java plus some xml for view layouts etc.

I have started drawing up a rough class diagram for the game and started to think about how to implement destructible terrain. As we want a clean fall animation for the ground when a piece is broken below, I am currently thinking about having the entire game screen as a 3d boolean array. Animations with this will be incredably easy. Hopefully this won't be too much to process every turn.

Some minor code has been written to help visualise the working of the tank class. As this is early on in the process it is likely to be rearranged quite regularly, due to the nature of eXtreme Programming.

I will try to have the game run on both the Android and a computer. This will help for initial game development as testing on the Android Virtual Device is time consuming. Also when the game is complete I will release a run-able jar file so everyone on here can play the game.

Most likely won't be doing small releases as we go, due to the size of the app. When it is actually playable it will almost be finished. Just bug fixes, extra weapons and smoothing out code after the app works.

Here are some initial concept shots by Foo.
Initial Concept Screenshot
Second Concept Screenshot



Concept Tank 1

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  1. Not that this looks old school, but instantly I'm reminded of the old motorcross games I use to play on the computers at school. Keep up the good work!