Thursday, 17 February 2011

Back With a Plan

I'm back. Fiji was awesome. Got a wee bit burnt... But no visible tan due to the copious amounts of sunblock I was applying. Damn. Also I left the sunblock at home so never found out about taking it through customs. Crystal clear water and fish everywhere. Also a lot of frogs. I found that strange. I don't have the camera with me at the moment so pictures will have to wait. Though they will be on here at some point.

As for tanks: No progress. Aside from the visuals there isn't too much to do (that is fun to code). So I'll have a chat with Foo to see where we are heading with this and will let you know.

In the mean time. I did come home to a large amount of Magic Cards at the door. I'm not expecting to use them all, large is an entire shoe box full which I got for NZD$10.50, so I going to try to make some of my money back by reselling them individually on TradeMe.

I'm not a hardcore fan so I have little to no idea of the worth of the cards, so what I am going to do is write another web crawler, like this one. Woo! Finally back to some coding. This is going to search StarCity for each card and return the value of said card for me, then dump it into a txt file; which I can directly import to a spreadsheet. Should let me know the most valuable to least.

I'm going to be using Python for this. Will post the source later on Ok? Ok.


  1. well welcome back, man,

    but where are the fijiii pictures ?
    where are they ?