Thursday, 17 February 2011


So as per my previous post, I have written a very simple program to show me the value of Magic Cards. All you do is run the program and type in the name of the card. Then it prints out the value of the card for each version it is in. In addition it also saves and formats the printed bits in a txt file, which is compatable with spreadsheet software. See images below.

Simply type in the card you are looking for and press enter.

That is then saved here.

Which you can then import...


It also takes into account cards that do not exist. But not half typed. i.e. If I typed 'myr' it would return everything with myr in the title... No really worth fixing. More the error / aid of the website it's searching.

[Small error fixed: 'Mirrodin Besieged Singles' was picked up from the ads on the side bar. Now the first category is correct. I'm not replacing the screenshots though. You get the picture. (Spot the pun)]

Code below:

#!C:/Program Files/Python/Python 2.7

import urllib

print "miMTGCrawler version 0.1"

f = open('cardList.txt', 'a')

# The below URL is the link to a card. The card name is appended, also '+' replaces ' '. Case is irrelevent.
# e.g. 'Myr Enforcer' = 'Myr+Enforcer'
# Searches the website for the information.
scLink = ''

    print "Please enter card name: "
    card = raw_input()
    if card == 'q':
    #Builds the URL for the card.
    cardLink = scLink + card.replace(' ', '+')
    page = urllib.urlopen(cardLink).read()
    # Search for the category. e.g. 'Mirridon'
    categoryString = ''
    # Jumps to the first listing.
    pos = page.find('tooltip')
    pos = page.find(categoryString, pos)
    # Loops through this process until there are no more valid categories on the page.
    while (pos != -1):
        pos = page.find('>', pos) + 1
        # This will build a string for the Card and it's categories and values of the listing found.
        cardString = card + '\t' + page[pos : page.find('<', pos)] + '\t'
        pos = page.find('">$', pos)
        # Checks to see if a price was found following the category.
        if pos == -1:
            print 'There is no such card: ' + card
        cardString = cardString + page[page.find('$', pos) : page.find('</td>', pos)]
        print cardString + '\n'
        f.write(cardString + '\n')
        # Look for the next category.
        pos = page.find(categoryString, pos)