Saturday, 5 February 2011

Magic The Gathering

So I used to play Magic The Gathering when I was around 14. I have since found all out that a couple of my friends (including Foo) play. Sweet. It seems to be the case that each edition has better cards then the last. The newest set came out around 7 years ago... I think. So my cards are pretty average.

My play style: I have no bloody idea. Play shit and hope something awesome happens.

I'm quite good at puzzles and problem solving so strategy games seem to come naturally to me. Back in the day I made an adequate Myr deck. So what better thing to do then continue with the theme.

I'm not spending a lot of money on this. I'm a tight ass. So I found a couple stupid people on TradeMe, New Zealand's equivalent of eBay, that are selling ridiculous amounts of cards at $1 reserve. Managed to pick up 177 mostly white (not racist) cards in newish condition for $7.50. Not a bad deal. And a couple other decent deals.

Made a decent red/artifact deck that relies on the shit load of Myrs I have. Problem is that it takes a bit of mana to get going. Solution? Level-up creatures. I haven't got any of these yet...

Here's my current deck:

Lands 24
20x Mountain
4x Great Furnace (Note artifact)

Red Creatures 5
1x Dragon Mage Flying (He is awesome)
1x Goblin Machinist
2x Atog Sacrifice Artifact...
1x Megatog Sacrifice Artifact...

Red Spells 8
1x Shrapnel Blast Sacrifice Artifact...
2x Forge Armor (This card makes the deck)
2x Carbonize
1x Dragon Breath
1x Molten Rain
1x Erratic Explosion

Artifacts 4
1x Darksteel Pendant
1x Banshee's Blade Equipment
1x Myr Reservoir
1x Myr Matrix

Artifact Creatures 19
1x Myr Moonvessel Gives mana on death
2x Myr Enforcer Affinity for Artifacts
3x Iron Myr Gives mana on tap
2x Frogmite Affinity for Artifacts
1x Lodestone Myr
2x Cathodion Gives mana on death
2x Arcbound Crusher Modular
3x Myr Retriever
1x Myr Propagator
1x Yotian Soldier
1x Oxidda Golem Affinity for Mountains

Any comments?

Sorry this isn't software again... I'm posting at work again and haven't had time to update the blog at home.


  1. Yeah, I never really got into Magic. At my high school, though, one of my friends was giving this nerd who was playing magic a hard time. He grabbed one of the cards off the table, and fast as lightning this nerd popped him in the face and broke his nose. It made me lol.

  2. huh, I've heard of MTG but never played it. I might try it out sometime!

  3. Brings back memories. I used to play the game alot too. My grandpa will buy me a single card everyday for two years. One day, after recess, someone stole my entire stack. Now, whenever I kill, I leave behind a magic the gathering card.

  4. i play magic, but not for so much time, so i don't know what to say about your deck : (

  5. "My play style: I have no bloody idea."

  6. I've been playing chess lately, which is a good game for sharpening your strategy skills. It sounds lame, but actually it is quite fun.

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  8. I really wanna get back into magic I just cant stand the people you run into that play at the local card shops, I used to run a Squee Goblin and direct damage red deck back in the day

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  10. ive been thinking about putting another deck together this is pushing me towards it even more

  11. my first roommate in college wanted me to play with him, but i just didn't get the whole appeal past summer camp when i was 11.

    if he wanted to play pokemon cards, though! he would have had a real challenge.

  12. I just lost the game.... DAMN YOU. x

  13. post your pokemon deck and I might be able to comment on it.

  14. Was never really big on magic, seems appealing though!!!