Tuesday, 22 February 2011


So Foo showed me this free game on Android called Alchemy. It's pretty simple. You start off with the four basic elements; earth, fire, water, and air. Then you drag one on another and make something else. e.g. earth + water = swamp, fire + air = energy, energy + swamp = life. There are 360 elements to unlock in the free version.

Being a coder I thought that it seemed pretty simple to make. So, I made miAlchemy (original, I know). Now it doesn't look as awesome as the Android one, and it's for computer instead. It's written in Python; like the last few projects I've put up here.

The way it figures out which elements exist allows for drop in add-ons. That way you can simply add a file into the elements folder and BAM! it's in the game. Images can be changed just as easily.

Mine also allows more then 2 things to be combined at a time. So something like: earth + air + fire + water = life, is possible.

My version has:

Put some suggestions in the comments and I'll add it to the game. If it's not obvious, let me know how to make it.

When I get some more elements into the game I'll package it up and release it for you guys.
If you want to do some 40x40 images would be good too.


  1. cool cant wait to see it released.

    just a few off the top of my head -
    Earth + Air = dust
    Earth + Fire = lava
    Water + Air = mist

  2. I've added dust, lava, mist and hot air balloon. Will think of a couple more and I'll release it later today for you guys.