Friday, 6 May 2011

C Four, miGame, Part 3

Got back from hospital. Turns out the stone was 8mm. But had it blasted and feeling fine now.

I have little to no memory of how to make a C program. Lol...

Because I am using my old code this is going to be a very very poor example of good programming. I've noticed so so many little tweeks I could make. Blarg I haven't even started and I'm disliking C again... Such a tedious language. Luckily the two methods I'm going to use from the old program are set up well enough that I won't need to change anything.

First step: Create a new file for AI code.
From what I can find anywhere it is the same as in Java. Just do it. Examples didn't have 'include' or some other way for it to tell what file it is coming from so that makes things a bit easier. Except every method

Second Step: Allow AI's in the program.
I'm sure there is a much better way to do this but I'm going to hard code in an array of size two with either an h or a c to determine if the player is computer or human. Then add a check in the main loop and if it is a 'c' then call the computer MakeMove method.

Crap it's taken me 30 minutes to get the compiler to work again... Completely forgot everything. Now that I that done I can actually write some code. Woo!

Third Step: Write some code.
Create the AI using recursion to find the best possible move and go there. This is the fun part. Each time the computer is to make a move it will create a copy of the board and make it choose the first column then make the opponent go in the first column and so on and so forth until that column is full, then it moves to the next column and alternatively fills that. As soon as a win is detected the number of empty spaces on the board is the amount of points that win is worth. Then it starts again but places the its first move in the second column and then opponent in the first and it in the first. And so on and so on. This sounds like terrible way to do this. But computers are fast.To those that do program I'm going to be using recursion and so this SHOULD involve minimal code on my part. Which is the plan.

Going to start this now. [Start timer] 201105061147
[Pause timer] 201105061316
[Back again] 201105061650

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