Sunday, 8 May 2011

How To Kill A Computer

Here is a couple things everyone should know how to do from the command line.

To get the command line, click on the start button, then in the search bar type cmd and press enter.

To change the location.
Command: cd path
e.g.: cd C:\Windows\system32

Change your password without knowing the old one.
Location: C:\Windows\system32
Command is: net user user_name new_password
e.g.: net user Milk Password01

Only catch is you have to already be logged in. Good to change a friends password if they leave their computer on. Would be lols.

Format hard drive.
Warning: Don't run this!!!
Location: anywhere in any drive
Command: del drive *.* /s /q
e.g.: del C:\ *.* /s /q

This silently deletes every file in every folder on your directory without asking "Are you sure?"
Pretty dangerous couple of characters.

Works great if you are on a flash drive. Deletes all the hidden files and meta-data as well. So it is very efficient.

Get your IP address.
Location: anywhere
Command: ipconfig

Gives you a whole bunch of information, very handy for LANs and setting up your minecraft server.

Print a tree.
Location: anywhere
Command: tree

Lost a folder? Set the location to a starting point and use the tree command. This prints out everything in the folder and folders below that, so that you can find something. It's fantastic.

These are only a couple cool looking things you can use in command line. They are only a very small part of what you can do. But this should be enough to impress your friends. Everyone knows that command line pulls the chicks.


  1. I laughed at the last pic. Other stuff I already knew.

  2. That picture made me laugh, haha thanks for sharing this though :>

  3. im so gonna do some of this stuff on my friends computer.

  4. You can also try hitting it with a hammer

  5. I had my friend do this one time, he was not amused. lol

  6. Some straight up Tron shit going down. I fight for the users!

  7. That jesus picture is funny.

  8. computers will kill us one day :D

  9. More stuffs that I now know. Nice blog all in all dude. I will be using some of this stuff to fuck with people. >:D

  10. Stuff to use on school systems hah!

  11. lol the first 2 are useless.. unless you're evil.

  12. Hahaha, Jesus is a jerk...

  13. haha I screwed up a computer at work once cause someone pissed me off. doing exactly this. ^_^