Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Computer for a New Game

That's right I'm upgrading again. Last upgrade was my phone to an Android. This upgrade is from my old cheap ass (2 year old) Acer here, to I don't know yet... Also all prices in NZD.

By the way if you ever want to know how much something is in your monies go here. Fantastic.

My thought process has been something along the lines of 'I'm going to start playing Starcraft II. To do this, I need a computer that can run it.' My current cracked version kills the computer. Also note I will buy the game. Support were credit is due. 'No space for a desktop. Better get a new laptop.' Have a couple friends who play religiously and I like RTS games so should be fun. Hopefully I can get the girlfriend into it as well.

I like Acer so am getting another one. But I'm not too fussy.
Must have a num pad.
Preferably more then  USB ports.
Preferably an SD card reader as well.
Current hard drive is 260Gb or something pathetic which I kept at max 10Gb free. Which is terrible for torrents and software engineering social circles. So anything over 500Gb is acceptable.
I also need a fast processor. Current is 2.1GHz which is fine. But faster is always better.
Need a dedicated graphics card. Current card is a 256Mb integrated death warrant.
And it must be cheap.

Luckily I can get $1000.00 from the government to assist my 'learning'.
Starcraft II = Software = New laptop plox?

So I'll looking to spend roughly $1500.00. Shouldn't be too difficult.
Don't mind upgrading the RAM myself but considering the other specs I'm looking for I'm not expecting the laptop to have less then 4Gb RAM standard.

tl;dr: I'm getting a new laptop so I can play Starcraft II. Awesome.

Let me know if you play or have a decent laptop suggestion.
Sorry there were no funnies in this post. It makes me sad too.



  1. NIce..that's a great idea man..i need to get a new laptop myself..

  2. nice on that government check!