Friday, 6 May 2011

C Four, miGame, Part 5

So I was getting a bit frustrated at this AI, I made that I could beat every time... Had a look online at the solution Wikipedia was talking about. This. Shat my pants looking at the amount of information this things goes through. Some guy actually spend 40,000 hours calculating all the possible positions on the board and creating a txt file that holds all these and the transitions between them.

This is tl;dr.

4,531,985,219,092 different possible combinations of moves. That's quite a lot.

So this project seems to be a bit beyond what I was looking to do... I have a pretty average working AI now though. Wont release it just yet though. [Stop timer 201105061934]. Might work on this again later.

Random unrelated image:

I got a job making a website, which is great for University as I need work hours to graduate, but terrible for the guy who hired me because I have NO experience in html or css or php. Should be fun. Will have a play with this blogs design as well. I do quite like it how it is though. We will see.

Will end up something like this:


  1. Your post made me reconsider my desire for IT studies... Too much work to be arsed doing it :P
    btw, great shark picture lol

  2. Improvise with Dreamweaver, and good luck!

  3. it will get easier as you go, good luck

  4. HTML and CSS is relatively simple. I'd say you can get away with copy pasting shit for the most part. Good luck.